About us.

We are creative studio for XR content using high-end 3D scanning technology, to create immersive and interactive virtual models and environments of real objects and places, for a variety of applications.

Adam Havkin

Creative technologist expert in capturing reality and creation of immersive content and Mechanical Engineer B.sc.

Has extensive experience in 3D scanning techniques in varying scales for a variety of industries.

Eytan Man​n

Architect, game developer and writer, has a M.A in design and computation from MIT, where he worked at the Design Heritage Lab and the VirtualxDesign Lab. Currently pursuing a PhD in architecture at the Technion.

Inbar Caspi

Graphic designer with expertise in branding and UI/UX for commercial and educational purposes. Her work focuses on developing digital and graphics environments for web, social media and education.

What we do.

Digital Heritage and Tourism

  • Expanding preservation practices through 3D scanning and VR

  • XR content for storytelling about our city, heritage sites, and site of cultural significance. This includes VR tours in archaeological sites, AR applications to present historical buildings and urban landmarks.

  • Immersive Archiving for future generations by documenting places in high-quality 3D models, ready to be implemented in a variety of platforms.

Smart Cities

  • High-definition data of the city’s infrastructure

  • Data infrastructure for AR Applications

  • Architecture and Construction.


  • Developing VR educational content for the education system and industry.

  • Courses, workshops, and tutorials.

New virtual frontiers

  • Working with partners from art, design, fashion, architecture, and film to develop experimental installations and applications

Spatial Computing and AI

  • Developing new bridges between the real and virtual through the power of Machine Learning and AI

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