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Our 3d scans allows us to create raw visual materials that are very interesting and can expose spaces and objects to a new point of view for the user. when we scan spaces it crates like rentgen view and we can see through things. The use of digital models can open new tools to play and research such as different perspective and scales that can give fresh perception to the material world. 

DMH, Video art

Design Museum Holon, Black Box exhibition | 2021

The museum reached the studio to use our technology capabilities to create a new point of view on their archive collection room. The exhibition present the different items of the museum collection in a new way.
we documented the collection room and a few objects, and merge them into a cohesive video art. 
The use of advanced 3d scanning tools such as laser scanning and photogrammetry to create digital twins allows us to get an interesting look and feel. The video shows the room and the objects and the relationship between them. 

Haifa Film Festival 

AR VR Exhibition |  2020

During the last few years, The Haifa Film Festival gives a place for artists in the AR VR field. 
The studio developed a VR experience. We reconstructed the scene using a mix of 3D scans from urban environment of Tel Aviv. We played with orientation, point of view and gravity of the user to create a psychedelic experience.