We create and develop digital models to be used as virtual environments for:
virtual exhibitions, events, VR and more.
In these projects we work with the client from characterization to production.
From branding through UI and UX to the full experience.


Graduate Thesis Projects Exhibition 2020 | Developer: Eytan Mann 

We were invited by the faculty of architecture in Technion to create a virtual thesis exhibition. working together with the curator to design and built a virtual space based on 2d sketches, in order to built a realistic environment each student got an area where he/she can present their project: video, interactive book and Zoom recorded presentation. we made intuitive and easy UX with costumed menus and arrows inside the space.   


Graduate Thesis Projects Exhibition 2020 | In collaboration with Modus Productions 

Musrara Virtual Museum is an initiative of Musrara Design academy in Jerusalem, for having additional exhibition space inside the school original building.
The studio was asked to scan and create a digital model to look as close as possible to the real historical building. The museum offers an interactive experience and independent movement ability inside the virtual gallery. 


TIFF's Online Digital Media Exhibition | In collaboration with Modus Productions 


In this project we created a virtual environment for Wander online media exhibition for the New Media Department of Tel Aviv University. 

Virtual Party Covid 2020

With Modus productions  

In the peak of the Covid 19 Pandemic in Israel, when most of the people were isolated in their homes during lockdown, the first virtual rave party was created as a digital experiment. we took scanned locations to be used as virtual environment for the party.  The environments were loaded to VR Chat and the users can walk around free and interact with another users using avatars. The experience was very interactive with Live music concerts, Stand up show, objects that the user can pick and play with, and more features.